The problem of Democracy today | ΚΟΡΝΗΛΙΟΣ ΚΑΣΤΟΡΙΑΔΗΣ

kastoriadisThe author (1922-1997) was political philosopher, social critic, psychoanalytical practitionar, famous Soviet scolar and economist. He worked during some time at the OECD and was co-founder of the now legendary, revolutionary journal and group of the same name:Socialisme ou Barbarie (1948-1967). This group developed a radical criticism on ‘communism’, based on the idea of workers’ control and  exerted a great influence on the students- and workers’ revolt at Paris in May 1968 (in that period he conducted a political conference with Daniël Cohn Bendit).Till his recent dead, Castoriadis remained writing about political issues, inspired by his central theme: ‘the development of autonomy’.
Political and Social Writings (orig.: Franse teksten 1946-’79, Eng. trans.: 1988-‘93); L’institution imaginaire de la Société (1975, Eng. trans.: 1987, paperback 1997); Les Carrefours du Labyrinthe (1978, Eng. trans.: 1984); Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy (1991); World in Fragments (1997) belong to his most important works. See for an in memoriam and an extensive bibliografy: Cornelius Castoriadis Agora International Website
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